whatever. just more shit.

I remember nothing
of who you were
I can’t see your face
through my tears
I can’t remember your arms
I can’t remember your voice
I can’t understand
what made you make that choice
and though I try to hate you
and I try to forgive
and I’ve tried to ignore
and I try my best to live
what they say must be true
that blood is thicker
because through it all
I feel it’s only the giver
that can lift this curse
so I wait here for you
I’ve done my part
I’ve searched, been destroyed
been torn apart
and if you ever cry
if the loss takes control
if you have my same need
to try and fill this hole
then I’ll be here waiting
as I always have been
with my arms wide open
and I’ll let you hold me again
and I’ll remember your voice
I’ll remember your heart
find home long lost in your arms
and see my eyes in yours…

and I keep dreaming
and time is wasting
but I’m here
and I wait for you
to come running
arms wide open
mothers home, her journey’s done
and I’m dreaming
and you’ll pick me up
hold me tight, and we’re spinning
kiss these tears away

and promise me

promise me

you’ll stay.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not happy with this at all – but it’s here, so here it stays. if I start editing myself I’ll dissolve into silence and nothingness again… Maybe it might be better put to music.

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