aww, shucks…

Okay, this just makes my day – forwarded to me by Amanda.


comments: k…this may sound dumb cuz it’s not really a question, it’s
more like a desprate request.  I went to and immensely enjoyed Jan.28th’s
show at Zoe’s in San Jose, Ca.  Well…besides just falling in love with
you both, I bumped into one sexy boy.  Sadly he had to run away, but I
did find out that he’s one of your main following from San Francisco.  He
attempted to give me his e-mail, but I was so twitterpated after our
kiss, I couldn’t get myself to memorize it.
So, I talked with Emily…who I guess does some booking or something for you guys(she gave me her e-mail that I could get KC’s e-mail from her.  I’ve e-mailed her a couple of times, but to no avail…OK, so how come I am mailing to you guys is, it seemed to me that night that there’s an intimacy between you two and your crew.  I figured maybe there’s a chance to get through to Emily, or maybe even KC this way.

Hopefully there is, because I can’t get this KC guy out of my mind….
th!ank you both for your time.  And thank you for such a perfectly
wonderful night on Jan. 28th, I enjoyed every last moment!


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