wings and prayers

Okay, it’s happening. Don’t have too much of an exact idea how, but hell – since when have I?

Somewhere around the 27th or 28th I’m getting flown down to L.A. to (probably) do some klowny work for/with  
, then we and two others are driving down to San Diego for the Dresden
Dolls/NIN shows on the 30th & 31st, where we’ve set up quite a
spectacle for the shows – a suspension. Not me, someone else – but
perhaps my time will come some day. Should be quite tasty.
Then, since my folks are going to be out of town I’ll probably head
back up to L.A. for a day or two to enjoy their breed of insanity, get
flown out to Boston for the Dresden Dolls DVD shoot on June 5th (to be
announced soon, don’t start emailing me yet – please!)- and then, this is where it’s going to get tricky
– when the DD fly off to their tour of Europe, I’ve decided that I’m
going to just to hang out on the East Coast for a few weeks, bouncing
off of as of yet unknown couches (I hope), making my way to NYC to
visit Michelle and a few old haunts, hanging my hat in random places
there, then probably back to Boston for my flight back to S.F. sometime
in the third week of June.

Heh. Don’t know how the fuck it’s going to turn out, but it will be
fun. Stuck on the East coast with only my hopes and a few bucks in my
pocket, no phone since Metro PCS won’t work there, and just see how the
cards play themselves out.

Goddamn I’m excited about this. Not only do I get to meet all the
people I’ve only interacted with through email for the past number of
months and become strange kind of friends with, but  I get to go
back East after, what –  12 years?

Somehow, someway, it will work out.

It always does.

9 responses to “wings and prayers

  1. dresden dolls
    ya know, I knew of amanda from back in my boston days. i met her briefly and saw a show that she directed – theater. amazing, amazing chick. one of those people who walks into a room and everyone stares. one of those people who leaves a room and you can feel that she was there.

  2. Safe is relative – but without question, it will be a beautiful experience. I’m hoping, if time allows, to have daily entries, but hell – that’s what I hoped for my current adventure.
    Thank you sweetheart – for the link, and the place in your heart. You’re in mine as well…

  3. All depends on which way the wind blows. Thank you!
    There’s a strange thrill of giving up all control and just letting things happen as they might, having no true direction except the need for simple survival.
    Who knows – you may just see me walking sown the side of the highway on my stilts, laden with bags and a strange grin on my face…

  4. Re: dresden dolls
    There is certainly a beautiful strength inside of her – more of a passion and drive fueled by dreams of the possibility of what could be than anything on the outside. She has it where it matters, and I gotta tell you – it’s an honor to work with her…

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