The end of day two. I really should be sleeping, but instead I’m sitting on Lenora’s back stoop, smoking a cigarette in my skirt. Sleep doesn’t seem to matter much these days – there are more important things to do, but fuck, I’ve done them. I’ll sleep after this.

Started taking pictures to document the adventure today, nothing that special but they will come. We spent the day running errands around Hollywood – checking out a cool store or three getting stuff for our performances at the San Diego shows, bouncing around. No one seems to walk here – it was funny. We would hop in Kevin’s car to drive to places that were just a few blocks away – but I sure didn’t mind. I’m barely running on fumes these days and energy is low.

I wonder what the weather is like back East.

Hell, it doesn’t matter – I have everything I could need for any conditions.

Homeless? The hell I am. Look – it’s right here in these bags. I carry it around with me. Like a hermit crab.

I could probably even fit into my big bag quite easily if need be. Maybe I’ll try that sometime.

I’m down to a bit over $40. Most of the little I had went before I even stepped on the flight here.

Over three weeks left.

This is going to be interesting.

Hell yeah, it is.

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  1. glad you get to hang with lenore for a bit – she’s good shit, ain’t she? Give her a big hug for me, k? I hope money lasts. I know how hard it can be to not spend when you’re traveling. be well.

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