…just a few hours left in Boston. Time to pack, say farewells, perhaps find a brief amout of time to simply be quiet inside.

It’s been a beautiful dance, full of love and wonder.

My heartfelt thanks and adoration to all who joined me, and

let’s keep dancing…

5 responses to “reluctant

  1. I miss you, Casey.
    France sucks sometimes, no I swear sometimes it does. Sometimes it does just because you miss the right people. And my statuing outfit is complete now (well I just need a milk crate or something) so when I’m not sick anymore I’m fucking GOING.
    And I thought about you so hard when I bought the last things I needed. Red fabric to match my clownish dress and hide my feet. Long gloves. More butterflies. Wish Sarah had been there. And fuck I wish everyone had been there really. Wish you’d been wandering through Montmartre with me shopping for props and drooling over 40 bucks-worth Venetian masks.
    I miss you.

  2. Oh, my dear, on a completely light-hearted and I hope not too cheerfully-inappropriate-for-the-somber-moment note, when I read the words “dance”….
    All I could think of was Bowie and “Dance! Dance, magic dance!”
    With the goofy cheer, and with solemn reflection upon true connection, I agree with you intimately. Let’s keep dancing.

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