I’ve been on quite a few flights in my life – not a tremendous amount,
but a decent number, so I should know what I’m doing by now, right?

 Well, that’s the theory, at least.

Actual fact is something else entirely. My flight was yesterday. Yeah.
Leave on the 24th, arrive in SF on the 25th.

Not leave on the 25th.

oops. heh heh.
See everyone? Told you I’d be back soon.

All of the buildup about
leaving seems a bit silly now as I sit here at the Cloud Club again…

In other news, we all (well, almost all) got a wee bit intoxicated last
night as a going away thing. It was wonderful, we all had a lovely
time, and among the horrible drunken photos I took, there was one gem caught by someone
else that I feel is beautiful, and pretty much embodies
everything I’ve felt the entire time I’ve been here.

The lovely Michael Pope & me, sharing a moment:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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