Okay, I wasn’t going to write anymore, but this needs to be put down.

Just about to smoke one more cigarette and leave, I decide to draw a rune, asking what is the thing I need to most be aware of through the course. I drew a rune which was perfect, then put it back in my bag. Then, as I sometimes do for more information, I drew another rune, asking for more clarity.

Out of 25 runes, I drew the exact same Rune the second time.


The Wild Ox

“The rune of terminations and new beginnings, drawing Uruz indicates that the life you have been living has outgrown its form. That form must die so that new energy can be released in a new form. This is a rune of passage and, as such, part of the Cycle of Initiation.
Positive growth and change, however, may involve a descent into darkness as part of the cycle of perpetual renewal. As in nature, this progression consists of five aspects: death, decay, fertilization, gestation, rebirth. Events occurring now may well prompt you to undergo a death within yourself. Since self change is never coerced-we are always free to resist – remain mindful that the new life is always greater than the old.
Prepare, then, for opportunity disguised as loss. It could involve the loss of someone or something to which you have an intense emotional bond, and through which you are living a part of your life, a part that must now be retrieved so you can live it out for yourself. In some way, that bond is being severed, a relationship radically changed, a way of life coming to an end. Seek among the ashes and discover a new perspective and a new strength.
The ancient symbol for Uruz was the aurochs, a wild ox. When the wild ox was domesticated – an immensely difficult task – it could transport heavy loads. Learn to adapt yourself to the demands of such a creative time. Firm principles attach to this Rune. At the same time some humility is called for, since in order to rule you must learn how to serve. Uruz puts you on notice that your soul and The Universe support the new growth.”

The same rune.

Twice in a row.

That’s only happened once before – over 12 years ago, shortly after I made my runes. I drew one, and it was the blank rune, which didn’t make sense at all. I poured out my runes on the table, and lo and behold, two blank runes. I found the rune I had forgotten to mark painted it, let it dry, then put them all in the bag again.

I drew the rune I had just painted. The one that was supposed to have that mark on it, but didn’t yet.

The tent is closed up, cleaned out so I don’t return to a mess, the unfinished book laid on my pillow awaiting my return.

I’m absolutely thrilled about this. Nervous, but thrilled.

I’m gone.


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