chocolategooeyfudge walnut brownie mix, check.
vanilla bean ice cream, check.
huge bottle of red wine, check.

Still not used to being back around people, not even at the Forest. When I first got back to the Forest – after being back in Austin for a couple of hours doing everything I could to postpone contact, I found myself getting out of the van, shutting the door quietly, almost sneaking around – taking the long way around down to the grandmother tree by the bridge to climb up in it and just stand for a while, then walking back up and only coming to sit with Mote & Albert when they see me going to my tent. More people come and go, as usual.
I sit quietly, enjoying and appreciating them all but only wanting to really see one. So much to say…
I didn’t think the re-adjustment back into the populace would be this difficult, but it’s good.

Beruzula gave me a warm and lovely hug when she saw that I had returned, the only physical contact I have had in eleven days.

Time for gooeywarm brownies with ice cream. I’ve been thinking about this for days.

Well, that, and a bajillion other things. It’s truly amazing where a mind will wander and what pieces of the past it chooses to conjure up in almost ten complete days of silence, meditating much of the entire day beginning at 4:30am.

Brownies. Ice cream. Wine.

Forest people are welcome to swing by so I can share them with you – just don’t expect me to be saying much – unless you bring more wine. Then who knows what the hell will happen?


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