Ah – I forgot to mention one of the most suprising parts of the previous evening.

As Seed and I were standing in the quick line to get in, I mentioned to her that it’s difficult not to pretend I’m back in San Francisco and look around for people I knew – but I’m in Houston, a city I’ve never been before, at an art exhibit that will be running for almost three months.

I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it pretty much came down to “It’s a small world – you never know.”

Later that evening, we were on the floor sipping our coffees, ane I look up and catch the eye of someone who looks familiar walking by, and hold the gaze – then start to smile.

Of all people, Creature is here. We gave eachother warm hugs, then he says; “Wha the fuck are you doing in my town?”

He’s visiting relatives for the holiday.

It’s such a fun and delightful feeling when you see someone you know randomly in a completely different part of the nation – and it’s someone you actually are really happy to see…

I love how wmall this world is sometimes.


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