Busy night – NYE meeting, Shivers show, Solstice party @ The Forest.

NYE keeps looking more and more promising – the ceilings allow for a slightly different stilt creature, with arm appendages reaching up to at least 13 feet. Breathing & eating fire outside with the opening spitting fire on the ground and having previously layed white gas stretching out into a pattern, statuing – looking for at least a couple hundred in tips…

Now, to train Bean to be my safety for the breathing, but honestly, as a result of the play piercing we did at the Circus show at The Forest where he kept turning his head imbedding the tips of the needles I placed through his neck inside of him, I have little confidence for him to put my face out properly or get me to the hospital guickly if needed. So, I put this out there – I have a plus one for the show, and though I have tried to think of someone I want to go with, most important is a sober and aware safety – only for the fire breathing. (If something goes terribly, terribly wrong and my lungs collapse from inhaling fire, don’t worry about the hospital. Already too late.)

Are there any takers? Everything will most likely go very well, and I will train you in what to do if there is a problem, but fuck – you better fucking DO IT if you need to, quickly, and watch very closely.

And yeah – if I “accidentally” catch fire to someone who refuses to tip me, just ignore it.

(Really, just kidding.)

So there ya go – If you want to be my safety, you get a free in, and your job will hopefully be just standing around – but accidents happen, I’m VERY serious about finding the right person, because I’ll be DANNED if I die in fucking Austin.


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