The Shivers show was delicious, as usual. The meeting was absurd, and the party at The Forest still goes on.

Highlight of the night so far was meeting an OS biker named Sparticus – we ecchanged compliments. me for his ‘coon hat with legs, head and all, him for the famous Blue Furrycoat. A dun and quick talk about Harleys, what he has, what I had – one of those gruff voiced people who you can’t help but laugh with in the life they have inside of them. It brought me back to certain tines as the shops I worked at.

A beautiful silence at my wireless escape, but time to go back to The Forest – and either play with the others or sleep. We’ll see.

It’s been nice these past few days – run around the forest, some upper body workout, then run back the other way, picking up my throwing knives and practicing with them. Strangely, I’ve lost only a little talent with good throwers.

I count the days. Soon, Austin will be nothing but a memory with no desire to come back to it. Only a few people that I would like to say hello and farewell again, everything else – and everyone else, I really couldn’t give a fuck and Good Bye.


The things that I have experienced in this sorry fucking excuse for a city, and a few certain people I have met, , make it so perfect to spit on the ground in rememberance. That is all it is worth to me.


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