Sitting on Angel’s porch, in the beautiful Sun & subtle warmth of an early anyday. The breeze makes the leaves whisper along the silent street, while some of the falling ones land on me or blow across my bare feet. I love it.

Better these past two days than I have been in a long while – the smiles come easily, my heart is light. That has everythng to do with her. Someone who I have history with, instead of another temporary acquaintance, knowing that my time is short in the wherever that I am and will end soon. The ease of our talks, the way we sing together with The Magnetic Fields driving around as we did in San Francisco…

Ripping traditional Gypsy music onto Clotho while Cole gets ready for our day. Angel has an entire small box of it, and while Cole stays here watching Angels cat, I will get as much as I can.

Second cup of Mate’.

Life is good.


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