yay amazing wine.

Something I need to release so I can sleep tonight – I’m nervous as hell about the show tomorrow.

Not the brathing or eating – that I can do, and well – bot the SHOW. Tje words I say, the entertainment I gove – many nighte spent awake dwelling on what I will do, many nights awake knowing the perfect thing and how it never comes to pass.

A tremendous amount depends on tomorrow eve. I need to capture them, amaze them – and it’s difficult when breathing and eating are so run of the mill to me.

I jsually am able to find the spark, look at them and know that they will be appreciative, but there is a bit of stage fright right now – but only with the fire performance.

Fuck it. It’s just another game, right? I’ll find the words, the performance will go well – smoothly. I have nothing but my talents – I don’t have a show.

I will create one.

Please send me good energy – for eloquence, for wit, for the flow of the show.


I have confidence in myself, I am able to make something out of nothing – but I am nervous.

I am nervous.

With that note, I head back to The Forest – I have snacks and a gloriously comfortable bed that I will enjoy for a very few weeks more.


I love wine.

heh heh.


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