16 days

or less.

My soul is being eaten away in this artificial town. Perhaps at one time it was true to itself – from what I’ve heard, it was. Now, however, only a shell – on the outsie painted, on the inside soulless and barren. “Keep Austin Weird”. Suck my ass. Try too hard and it is all destroyed. There are true artists wasting their time here – the best nes I’ve met have usually been from different parts of Texas.

Or much to weak to try for something else. Get out of this superficial shithole. It is nothing but Toyland from Pinnochio – you are all fucking Donkeys right now, sucked into a world that promises everything, delivers nothing.

Bitter? You better fucking believe it. Beauty suffocates here. Art begins with a pure soul and has it ripped out and weighed. You cannot weigh Art. You cannot weigh your soul. I go. I am only an artist in the smallest sense – I have met so many here that I admire and truly respect, people that I can’t help but look up to, but they shouldn’t be HERE. Not in Austin, not in this farce, not in this town that tries so incredibly much to be different that it feels it needs to regulate and destroy what is true and honest. They have no fucking right to judge. Art should never be controlled by anyone but the artists, the freaks.

The people who create.

The beautiful people that inspire every third SUV and it’s “Keep Austin Weird” bumper sticker. Think about it – you give all you can, this shell of a city eats you up and spits you out. In the four months I have been here, there have been two suicides. Two beautifu artists, incredibly talented. I didn’t know either of them, but they were part of the circle. One toured wirh John Lee Hooker for a number of years, and the other, from what I understand, was purely magickal. WAKE THE FUCK UP. I am perhaps a bit more sensitive – I feel the anger, the hatred for this town – and i know that I will not die here… I get out.

Get out. Leave this place as dry and soulless as it actually is.

You’re needed elsewhere. You’re needed desperately by a place that appreciates you.

Fuck your fears.


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