It has been decided.

Instead of simply vanishing with the dawn next Saturday, I’ve chosen to incorporate a few things that I love into a farewell and goodbye – Seafood, cooking, wine, and friends.

Tomorrow night, Sunday the 15th around 7ish, come on by The Enchanted Forest for dinner.

The menu, prepared with love by yours truly:

Baked double cream brie in filo dough topped with an apricot spread

Steamed mussels with a white wine & garlic sauce

Grilled garlic asparagus

Poached salmon in a caper-dill cream sauce


a beautiful selection of delicious wines – all for YOU, My friends and good aquaintances.

I’m gone in less than seven days with no intention of returning, so come on by, give me a hug, spit in my face, whatever you choose – but do it while enjoying great food and wine!

Bring bourbon or wine if you wish, dress up, but most importantly, come eat and have fun.

(Sorry this anouncement is so damn boring – it was a long and wonderful night last night and I’m still feelin’ it.)

Come. Okay?



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