On the right path…

…and the Universe smiles its huge, gleaming, Cheshire Cat grin down upon me.

I just got a job, starting Tuesday, at Broussard’s – an incredibly beautiful, triple dollar sign, uber fancypants New Orleans institution of a restaurant! http://www.broussards.com/

But WAIT! That’s not all, at all.

To top it off, I was offered by Cole’s mother one of two apartments opening up in the building where I am staying – one with a balcony overlooking Chartres Street in the French Quarter, four blocks from where I now work, for less than $1000 month, which, for the apartment market in NOLA right now, is fucking INCREDIBLE! – It has a groovy spiral staircase leading up to the bedroom, isn’t huge but is very comfortable, and and and – will be MINE! ALL MINE! BWAAAAHAAAHAAAAHAAHAAAAA!

(ahem. ‘scuse me.)

So yeah. Life is really, really good right now, and I’m where I’m supposed to be.

For now.

Europe is next on the list – all of it.


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