Just about to head back to New Orleans and get ready for my first evening at the restaurant – looking forward to it in a somewhat nervously excited way, but that’s just simply fear of the unknown. The confidence will unfold as I grow into it.

Looks as if I will soon actually have three incomes in NOLA. The restaurant, Statuing on Bourbon street, and perhaps working part-time for Cole’s father, running documents to customs on my bike in my spare time.

This time, dinner is on me – and it’s about fucking time. Come on over and, as soon as I get my apartment, you can crash on *my* couch. Let me take you to lunch, buy you a drink or five. Here’s that gift that I saw months ago that reminded me of you, but I couldn’t afford.

This time, I get to do something for you.

Thank you for letting me.

Life is good.

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