pfft. Fuck you I love you. I am still alive for some reason, and I am fuckimg amazing. I am lost and I keep finding the things i need, I need you desperately I don’t need anyone, I lie to myself, only to myself, practiced and solid. I don’t lie to you anymore, I don’t preted things are good, right, peaceful inside – but only if you are one of he very few that I can cry around. One of the two – or three, Tea?

All I want to be is who I am supposed to. All i want to be is everything.

Know what? I fucking am.

I am everything, everyone, all, a million times sacrifice, a thousand times my best. I am strength, rage, passion – I am the dreams of flight and I SOAR. I weep for the magick you see in me because I know it’s’ truth. I weep for what could have been. I weep because I will never be able to be that close, I weep for you.

I weep for me and all that I can never be for you.


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