What is wrong right now? What do I need to remember?

It answered, “Sowelu”.

Aaah. Yes.


Thank you.

(A very brief interpretation because I don’t feel like copying the 2 1/2 pages of the one I have down.}

“Sowelu stands for wholeness, that which our nature requires.
It embodies the impulse towards self realization and indicates
the path you must follow, not from ulterior motives but from
the core of your individuality. A rune of great power, making life
force available to you, Sowelu marks a time for regeneration
down to the cellular level.

What you are striving to be, you already are.
This is the time for recharging and regenerating
yourself. You may have to retreat from pressing
situations, but make it a retreat in strength, not
weakness. Let the Sun illuminate the secrets you hid
even from yourself. Always remember however, that by
yourself you can do nothing. Only when you rely on the
Divine can you accomplish anything of greatness…”

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