And yeah, Louis began it this morning and I took it where it could go. It was a good day. A very good day.

The lunch crowd was in amazing spirits (of course), all decked out in their Mardi Gras finest, and though there were a few communication glitches whiched caused the front of the house (font waiters & captains)to have heated verbal battles with the back of the house (kitchen manger, chef, and back waiter, me), I merrily rolled along with those, standing aside while people bit each others heads off, laughing to myself and just simply getting the biggest kick out of it. In an atmosphere like that, where everything Needs – without question, to be absolutely perfect, tempers flare when it isn’t and the pressure builds. (Our kitchen manager, whose name is Leonard Skinner, by the way, rocks – by the way.)

Through it all, though, every once in a while, well, more like most of the day, I was grumbling inside about my pay and my own pressures, wondering when I would finally make it to front waiter when it seems like I had been slotted and locked as a back, which is a differerence in tips of almost 90%. This couldn’t go on. The internal dialogues were playing many different scenarios of both walking out and giving my two week notice, as there is a job open at Harry Andersons place (called Oswalds Speakeasy) which is built for me – and be around an amazing magician…

At the end of the day, i approached Mark, the manager and the owners son, asking when the front waiter thing (I think those were my exact words) would happen. He looked at me, asked, “Do you think you’re ready?” and though I wanted to slap his silly face and scream “HELL FUCKING YES I’M READY YOU DAMNED SILLY CUMQUAT! I’VE BEEN READY SINCE I #^(^@^@ *GOT* HERE!!!” I somehow managed to ramain in composure and simply look at him incredulously and say, looking him directly in the eye, “Yes. I sure as hell am.”

So, On Thursday I take the test, pass it, and become a front waiter.

At least, that’s what is planned. Unfortunately at this point I know a bit more about being a back waiter than a few of the front waiters, so there is the possibility of being bounced around – but hell. The money will roll in soon. Really – it had better.

Aaaaaand, to cap off the good day in preperation for a great night, I got my cane! It’s absolutely perfect.

Must run off to start the night now.


When lunch was over and we had set up for the evening,


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