8:30 in the afuckingm, Mardi Gras Day. The alarms I set were merciful, and had other ideas besides waking me up at 4:30 to be on Good Morning America – but hell, tht would have been a quick hundred bucks I could have used.

Last night, in brief – Krew du Poux, hopping in a shopping cart for the derby of Kaos (which my driver & I lost in quick time due to a handicapped wheel – spilled to the side in no time flat) then after a bit of jumping around and hula-hoop throwing Rich, Clara & I went searching for the nearest open liquor store. finding it and walking back, we met up with the lovely Raven, another friend of Rich’s whose name I can’t bring to mind but was quite delightful, and the Krewe du Zombi – Raven said “We’re going to fuck with the sign holding Christians!” Immidiately, Zombiness washed over and in and the grunts, odd limps, and lust for brains became a part of us…

Honestly, I don’t really recall what happened after that, though I *do* remember the faces of the christians – it was worth every drop of Jim Beam. There were many drops.

Somehow, now, I find myself in my bed, makeup wiped off, clothes hung neatly, alarms set to be awake at a horrible hour that passed by me. Wondering if I should sleep a bit more or get out there to busk – I decide on the former, directly after writing these last few words. It will be a day to remember. The Bourbon must be held in check – only enough to whett the whistle and only slightly lubricate the brain.

At least, that’s the intention…

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