I open my eyes – encrusted with sleep and makeup, they see nothing in this black dawn, this room of no natural light or sound. The world passes by unseen by me, unseen here…

And as I just finish writing these words, there is a knock on the door (this is real time, baby!) apartment 3B has vacated, and the tennant of this one is coming back. 3B – the apartment with windows – the apartment with a BALCONY TO THE WORLD! I can see now. I pack up my things, grab my tobacco, clothes, camera and cock ring, the annotated Alice, the makeup, and the various other things that have found their way to athe table or floor.

I have a home now. I have my own apartment, after what seems like years. I have my own apartment with a fucking balcony overlooking Chartres Street. I have a home.

I have

a home.

I gotta pack and go and unpack and breathe.

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