First: I need may altar, here.

Second, i’m watching “Windtalkers” right now on tv. There is a part where a guy playing the Native American Flute is joined by Christian Slater on the harmonica.

Knowing how to play both,(almost – still working on the harmonica), I had to laugh.
Fucking rediculous. What was their budget?

I should be in Gulfport now, but can’t get my car out of the garage – and also have a serious concern about falling asleep at the wheel.
I’ll go to Gulfport tomorrow, and go out now.

There’s a strange loneliness in being in a new city, knowing so few people, having many acquaintances, but no friends that I can contact. Much of that is my fault – this no phone thing is getting to me – I sit at the computer waiting for any email that never comes – like in the days of old, waiting by the phone.
Pathetic, but true for now. I’ve never been too good at meeting people, or especially staying in contact – or initializing it. One of the faults I most want to push away.
New city, amazing people.
I want to meet them.
I want friends.


And I want a real damn bed.
And a lemon tart from Tartine in San Francisco, while I’m at it.

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