Recieved today from a friend that I haven’t heard from in ages. Recieved at the perfect time…

Hey Clown,
I think of you often. I hope you are satisfied with the goings on of life. I wonder how you do it sometimes… butt then I recall how much magic flows through and all- around you… my original draw to you.
I pray good folks cross your path. Good times are had. A man of lessons on his imperial journey.
I love you.
Your Cali gal of Red,

Sometimes – *many* times, I wonder why I deserve this. My life and I are only a dream, and hold to the same boundaries. I have found that there truly are none, and that is the way I live my life. I have been called a dream, I have been called an illusion – one in friendship and one in spite. I believe them both, and therefore, I live a life that adresses no laws but love, honor, grace – and honesty. The last one finally has been accepted fully, and I say everything to those who need to know. I owe this to a few dear friends, letting me step from under the darkest cloud and feel it’s warmth.

Apparently, money isn’t necessary in dreams. That has never been a strong point of mine – but still, I am happy. Mostly happy. Comfort and knowing I can pay rent would be nice, and I feel it coming. Work is progressing, I am progressing, and someday – someday, I will be able to be a full time performer and make my way as that.

That is what I need, though I don’t foresee it happening in New Orleans. If someone can organize a troupe though – I can. I have been well acquainted with that talent, and intend to use it. If I find a space to practice, I have about seven talented people so far, dangling on a string, wanting desperately an open space to work pn our skills. I gave my email to a very good contact juggler last night on Bourbon St., who mentioned that she also does trapeze. Her friend, who was playing flute, apparently has wonderful Cirkus skills as well.

I want to create on here, I want to bring life back to this city, I want to be a part of the art that so desperately neeeds to entertwine itself in the soul of New Orleans again.

I want to compliment it’s beauty.

I want to give a certain very talented woman who lives in Los Angeles a reason to make voyages here.

I need to find a space to practice – for us all to practice, and create beauty that blinds.

Enough ramble. I go now with hope that this isn’t as silly sounding that I feel that it is.

I go, but I’ll be back.
and front.
and probably a bit sideways and upside-down.


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