Out on my balcony, I look towards the few tall buildings of downtown, loving the way the thin fog softens them. The breeze blows from behind me, and pushes my hair into a strange and beautiful dance in front of my eyes. It is warm, soft. It is a perfect evening in New Orleans. It is a perfect evening.

I was blessed tonight by a suprise visit by Dave – a friend from the Dresden Doll days, who called my name from the street, and luckily I heard him. I have never really talked to him before, and was delighted by our conversation as we sat out on the balcony. I have never been one for petty conversation, and in talking to him I had such a wonderful time – passing on the things I have learned and, through him, thinking again. Dave, if you read this, Thank You. Thank you for being so honest and thank you for being so courageous in your questions. I hope I said something that helped – as you certainly helped me.

Then, Cole shows up, a bit tipsy and talking in her beautiful southern drawl that is alway so endearing, but ya got to get her drunk. We had an exquisite evening, being together again in such freedom – but

I had no intention of writing about tonight. When Dave came by I was finishing up a CD I’m putting together with the intention of writing about what will be, the magick that is happening, the love I feel. I intended to have drank much less bourbon before tapping on theys keys, but hell – beautiful things happen – so…


Look at that word. Weird, huh? So little, but can make or destroy – or just sit and bring together.

So.(Off again!) Things begin to happen. Work turns profitable though I am still a bit uneasy about having an actual J.O.B., and it will be a couple of weeks before I see a good paycheck. I do what I can now with what I have, as I always have.

Sidenote, I want a waterproof lappytop and to be drenched in rain right now.

Off sidenote, I just dropped the cap to my bottle of Jim Beam off of the balcony, and it had nothing to do with being a bit buzzuzzuzzed. I did my usual placing it on the top of the bottle and giving it a good spin, but this time the spin decided to launch it just a little bit up, where the breeze caought it…

So. That has nothing to do with anything.

Work is good, and I am going to fly to L.A in less than a month to finally meet a beautiful woman that I have become incredibly enamoured with, and she says whe has with me as well. I think of her and things tet warm inside. That;s a rare and good sign. Of course, she lives a couple thousand miles away. I spent part of last night putting together a Fire incantation for her, for a wedding of a mutual friend that we will attend while I am in Los Angeles. Also there, Stardust (the beautiful woman – stardustmagick.com) is taking me to Cirque du Soleil, hopefully we’ll be getting some performance work, I’m setting up a shoot with Pixie, ( http://www.pixievisionproductions.com )who is not only incredibly dear to me, but one of the best fucking photographers around – and if you haven’t been shot by her yet you’re really missing out on perfection – and playing dress-up for an entire week, taking our own photos, laughing, dancing, playing – it will be an amazing time. I’m incredibly excited, I’m a bit nervous – …

What a horribly mundane and unpoetic post.

Fuck it, it’s just an update. Beautiful and amazing things are happening. I am trying to gather a performance troupe here, and have people intrested – but need a space. We need a space to practice.

For so many reasons, I miss The Forest.

I’m stopping this post. I’m hoping to come back with something that is actually well written. This is what’s happening in my life.

I love my life.

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