It is a heavy load to carry.

Why am I here? Truly, I love this city, but everything I want to do is happening somewhere else. The people to learn from, the art to create…

But no, I have been directed to Post-Katrina New Orleans.

Here to instigate? I’v found that is a talent of mine, but there needs to be the people to inpire. Am I here to find them? I don’t know – but I’m here for now, and every conversation with Stardust where we brew amazing things makes me question it. SO much to learn, but I must teach myself, for now.

I voluteered for a gig on the second, and just found out they are willing to offer me $50- for my time stilting. Since i offered to volunteer, this was a pleasant suprise, and unexpected. Chicken feed, mut much better than the nothing I was willing to do it for. It’s some sort of benefit for children…

The life I want is here – right around the corner. I feel it.

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