"And how long have you been the language of a story

that could be true?”

The story unfolds, begins anew each page, always gets more exciting.

Tired from a beautiful day/night, in a rush, but this needs to go down.
in brief:

Yesterday out at Jackson Square I was approached by a guy who is interested in starting a circus, who also invited me to a party/show in Bywater that (last) night. Gave me the name of a good local talent agent, as well. I finished up the day at Jackson Square when it slowed down, packed up and headed over to Bourbon Street, where I got a prime spot. As I was setting up there, I saw Mike, who I used to work with at the restaurant. When asked what he was doing out here, he laughed, and said “There weren’t any reservations so they closed the restaurant for the night!” This has never happened since I started working there, and made me feel GREAT because I *was* working, and making some decent money.

Home around 8:00 to wipe off the makeup and rest a bit before the party. Hopped on the bike and headed down there. I walk into the backyard, and all of the sudden see the people I’ve been looking for since I got to New Orleans. The freaks, the Cirkus folk. I recognized another statue I occasionally see but didn;t have a chance to say hi to her, saw Che from San Francisco who gave me a warm, drunken welcome, and then, a puppet show! It was cute, and fun. Shortly after that our attention was directed to a aerial hoop hanging from a tree, where two wonderful girls put on an AMAZING and beautifully choreographed show –

Yeah. this is good.

When right action is followed, things work.

Now I gotta get my ass back out there for yet another absolutely fantabulous day.

I love my life.

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