To lose myself in finding you

lets me believe, again
in the power of dreams.
To reach, to know –

and when there is nothing else
to believe in

you remind me
to trust in myself.
to remember my dreams.
to know that anything
is possible,

and you teach me again
how to unfold my wings
and prepare for flight.

You teach me again
that nothing is unreachable
as long as I believe and
as I long for your arms around me
I will do what I can here
to bring them to me
and feel as if I deserve them.

To deserve you.

I know I am better than what I think of myself.
I know I am better than who I ever was,
and I know that I have earned you, and you
are, perhaps, what I have worked so hard for
perhaps, all the work that has been done so far
was for me
so I could be me, so I could be
all that I can be
for you

for now.

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