My Statue has a groupie

This is actually quite sweet – emailed to me a couple days ago…

The White Duke of Decatur

Chin up, stand up straight and proud,
Sir Duke, so white and elegant
you’ve a lot to do to-day you know

the carousel music plays
from the bay
the calliope and pipes
it’s a sweatslick sunny day
you stand there as passerby
glance and pace and mumble

you simply stand there
not wavering nor tumbling
still tall
ever white and pale
you barely look askance

as the passerby mumble and shuffle
pace and do their nervous everyday dance

but you are something quite different
you fire-breather, you ecstatic fluke

and this, well this I must say to you
lovely tall White Duke…

to see you standing still
and then in motion
it’s not quite a fright
but to see you step down and smile
arms tattooed and finally mobile
those are the things
that set the skies alight
into a purple sun starshot

Dear Duke
standing so tall and pale
you are one of the beautiful and wondrous oddities
all to rare in these course days

Stand still and stand tall
for you make me smile
and everyone knows
that smiles as well as dreams
fragile as stained glass
thin as smoke
are all to rare these days

“Kick up your heels and paint your face
Wave goodbye to yesteryear
We can swing in outer space
Or from the chandeliers…”

To kSea, The White Duke of Decatur

25 April, 2006

Aonie D.

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