Did anyone happen to catch the licence number of the Yoga class that ran me over yesterday?

The past two days have been full – practice routine with Cameron, work, run home to scrape off the makeup, down to Jackson Square to practice staff some more, sleep, yoga, practice, work out a bit, practice, practice…

I love it.

Two shows this weekend, a short one on Saturday as a finale’ to a private party then an AIDS benefit on Sunday, and I think
I may actually be ready for them as soon as we figure out the rest of the fire routine and get some costuming going on. In digging through what I have the other day, I’ve found that pretty much *all* of my costuming is based on skirts and flowy schtuff – fine for breathing and eating, but just plain dangerous for staff.

Fine. I guess it’s time to learn how to make pants…

For this weekend I can modify the leather pants that Amacker gave me all those years ago, ripping out the outside hem and stitching some of my red paisley brocade into it giving them a hip little flare at the bottom, but I have no idea what I’ll do for a top – I’ll figure it out, I guess – maybe re-make one of my vests, pretending that I can actually sew until I actually can… Pants pants pants. I need cool pants for perfoming. I have no idea where to begin.


It feels so damn good to be taking yoga again – but damn, they weren’t kidding in describing Jivamukti Yoga as “challenging”. Perhaps it’s also because I haven’t
taken a class since the good ol’ Katy Bell days about three years ago, mainly because she was such an excellent instructor that I was immidiately spoiled.
Well, I found another good one – quite incredible, as a matter of fact, though some of the postures are a bit advanced for me at the time. (You want me to do WHAT??? No, I don’t bend like that. Not yet, anyway. OH, and now you want me to go from a kneeling position to standing on my head. Just kind of get on up there like – okay, like that guy did. Suuuure… Wait – the human body is supposed to have muscles *there*? Okay, wait – OUCH! Yeah, you’re right. There they are, screaming at me for having the nerve to wake them up…)

All in all, it was a fantastic class, and I found myself actually remembering some of the asanas. Michelle is also a great instructor, and I look forward to going back again later this week. Thank the Gods she also teaches a class called “Restorative Yoga” – a much mellower one, apparently. I sure as hell need it…

I haven’t felt this painfully good in quite a while.


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