partial dreams

I really need to figure out a way to hook something up to my head that records dreams.

These are small bits of one I had last night, as recorded in an IM with Stardust:

[12:39:27 PM] kSea flux says: had a fun dream last night (this morning) but can only remember part of it…

[12:40:03 PM] stardust angel says: do tell*

[12:41:18 PM] kSea flux says: I was doing some work in a warehouse space – but what i mainly remember about that part was that it was really difficult to get something to eat, first I had to find a pan so i could cook myself something, then i found a pan, went off to do more work or something, then came back and someone else was using the pan – all so silly,

[12:44:37 PM] kSea flux says: then I went to a different part of the same warehouse – walked by a door and stopped because the people inside had *beautiful* costumes, and I went inside, where I found out that it was Lucent Dossier’s practice space (in San Francisco) – I watched them for a bit, then started playing around – and found that their gravity was less than normal – I was bouncing around really lightly, grabbed tall unicycle, tried that, did okay – so much laughing and fun in the lighter gravity!

[12:45:49 PM] kSea flux says: then I think I woke. There was more to the dream, but that’s what i remember – trying so hard to get nourishment, then finding it in a different way next door. Somewhere along the line I lost a sock.

[12:51:21 PM] stardust angel says: **dream book says::pan represents a tool available to bring something to fruition or completion in life….costume:::represents characterization. ths may indicate one’s alter ego or complete opposite personality. could reveal ones true character or attributes one wears as a costume for the public::costume shop:: stands for opportunities to understand others…choices to experience anothers persona gravity:::defines imagined limitations..(so probably with boundaries?) unicycle:::denotes self reliance and resourcefulness self sufficiency

[12:54:15 PM] kSea flux says: Sounds pretty good – what dream book is this? It sounds quite complete – it covers Unicycle’s? Impressive!


and so, a comforting subconcious chapter softens (somewhat)the angst of the concious mind.

Time to go make shit happen.


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