For nine nights she wrapped herself around me, mercilessly, uninvited and unwelcome but impossible to banish or ignore, as much as I tried. She was stronger.
We spent the nights together, tearing at the sheets, bathed in each others sweat, taking cold showers and baths – occasionally I could swear that I heard her laughing as a frustrated, pleading moan escaped from my depths. She had the power and she knew it, she used it, suffocating me, taking away sleep. The sweat pooled on my body, soaking my pillows and sheets as she greedily sucked at every inch of my flesh, insatiable in her damned southern lust.
Now, perhaps, I know why drinking is such a way of life here. It’s all because of her. We’ll do anything to escape.

I refused to give her that power over me, and as a result, she found me, tortured me…

Until last night. Last night I won. She was gone, driven away, and I enjoyed my first true sleep in over a week. I felt her absence as I returned from working in Jackson Square, and though she – as always these days – walked with me there and back, wrapped herself around me as I was standing, and did what she could to make me loathe her, as I opened the door to my new apartment she stopped short, knowing she could no longer torment me in my home.
Yesterday morning I finally got a working air conditioner installed.

That is the only way to keep that hot, humid, Southern Bitch out of here.


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