Three beautiful days in Gulfport, painting Cole’s house, a Theta healing session with Dawn on the phone, (an entirely different entry there) reading, movies, a walk along the Gulf shore, complete with two Hermit Crabs. I haven’t seen one since I was a child, playing in the tidepools of La Jolla…

Back to New Orleans, then Mojo’s for dinner where I ended up giving Raven a hand washing some of the dishes that had built up during a small rush – that was kind of fun & it made her happy…

Now, at the new Z’otz while the tube on my bike gets replaced…

A dream a very old friend had where I grabbed her to keep her from falling off of a large stone obelisk, and she told me of a cure…

I have learned everything I needed to learn from this. I have learned a lot.
Dawn said that she felt that it has been here since I was 16.
I am ready to release it now. It is not how I need to define myself anymore,
nor do I need to suffer
to grow.

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