There are few things as truly exhilerating and awe inspiring as a storm such as this, where the lightning strikes so close it momentarily blinds, and the thunder is so immidiate, sharp and loud that it sets off car alarms.
I feel the electrical charge in every cell of my body, my scalp tingling, and a carefree, wild laughter that the people gathered under any shelter they can find share with me as I slowly ride past them down the street on my bike, face turned up to the downpour, relishing in every heavy drop as they leak past my silly grin…

Gods, I want to strip naked and dance around in it, lay down on the grass outside my apartment and let it all wash over me, do cartwheels and jump around in puddles – but that probably wouldn’t go over too well with the neighbors.
Everything inside of me wants to be in the small swimming hole in Topanga Canyon with this glorious storm, sending spiral flower boats sailing in the current downstream – *that*, or Camp ‘n’ Sons, would be the absolute perfect place for something like this…


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