A completely random game of Capture The Flag in the French Quarter with lovely people I had never met before, doing my best to run away from a girl on the other team and *not* get flattened by some do-gooder on Bourbon or Canal streets as she chased me – (“look – big smile, see? Laughing? I did *not* just steal her purse or do any other sort of harm to her. It’s a game we’re playing. Really.”) then the game cut short after police threatened to arrest us for running around. Possibly because we were all sober and that is just not understood by the Bourbon St. cops… Still, great fun for a couple of hours and many new friends, completely justifying my decison a couple hours before I found out about the game to not work last night. Then, to Z’otz & The grand re-opening of The Dragons Den to finish the evening with the same delightful people.
Lovin’ how things just kind of happen…

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