trial by…

In less than one week I have my first, official, self-manifested, professionally paid fire performance spinning staff, eating & breathing for some random wedding reception.


Twenty minutes.


Just me.

Spinning staff – which I’ve only been doing for about three months.

I think I’m a bit (incredibly) nervous, BUT,

I also think I’ll look at it this way:
I’ve only been spinning for three months, and I’m already getting jobs! (Or at least “job”.) Just *think* of what the future holds! Also, in those twenty minutes, one third of an hour – I will make half of my rent.
No shit.
Now all I need are about five or six (or ten) jobs like this a week, and I can finally get off the street.
I gotta admit – I have a lot of fun, most of the people I encounter are great – but goddamn, it’s getting hot here…

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