Magick happens…

Within the past few days:
Offered place to stay for a couple weeks in S.F.
Offered place to stay for a couple weeks in L.A.
*Possibly* found an amazing communal living space in Venice
Got a kick-ass driving companion to The Playa – a BM virgin!…

…and I’ve got a feeling that the Universe is agreeing with the energy I’ve been putting out to it.

I’m leaving NOLA August 24th.
Burning Man
A couple/few weeks in San Francisco working (aahhh – the Wharf!) and visiting friends I haven’t seen for a year or more, then
Moving to Venice. (L.A. Not the other one with all the skinny boats.)

Of course, some things still need to be tied down and sewn up, – but hell, that’s never stopped me before, has it? Luckily I have a new sewing machine.
If anyone has a cheap van they wish to sell, or knows where I might find one…
If anyone has a camp that wouldn’t mind having me…

I’m coming home.

and I don’t know if this means anything, but I will arrive on The Playa exactly one year from the day I left San Francisco.
It’s been one hell of a year, in so many ways. So incredibly beautiful, so much love, so much magick, so many lessons, so much beauty – and so much sorrow.
Can’t wait so see what the next one has in store for me!


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