There’s a strange sense of sadness
as I watch someone I used to work with at the restaurant
ride by on his bike
uniform draped over his arm
on his way to another day
of the daily grind…
And I wish more people could be like Tana
the dessert girl at the restaurant
quiet, shy, soft spoken
but who emailed me just a couple days ago,
wanting to meet, ask questions
saying that she couldn’t stop thinking about
becoming a statue
performing in the street
and finally
doing what she wants to do
for her.

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  1. ….
    some people seek security in a routine
    some seek comfort in knowing
    that the same thing will be there in the morning
    forgetting what it means to let go…
    People could literally fall apart without that wall, that structure, that job, even if it’s not the best job in the world.
    I thought about this last night- how far over the edge would my mind have gone the month I had no job, in a city where the more money you made the more security you had. Part of the reason I live in places that are rent cheap, so I could afford the rent at any shit job i take…
    I always wonder what I would fall back on if I lost my job now, what could I do to earn money, if I had to live on the streeets.
    In the back of my mind I think.. i’d still be stuck in the daily rat race to earn a living, make money, just enough to eat on for the next day. We are all subject to that no matter who we are. We’re all spun in the same crazy wheel.
    If I had nothing, i’d take off for the mountains. At least i’d have peace.
    I’d love to not have to worry about a job, live know I am provided for in abundance if I believe…
    we should be careful of what we wish for…

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