the show went well. Completely exhausted.

And, if someone randomly asks you if you know anyone who has ever spun fire staff to a New Orleans brass band covering the theme from “I Dream of Jeanie”,
you can tell them, that yeah – as a matter of fact, you do.

Don’t you feel special now?

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  1. so yesterday in the square, i overheard someone passing behind me,
    “wow, like that guy in new orleans! remember? the guy with the top hat and cane?”
    well done. altogether now…

  2. I’ll be back for a few weeks after Burning Man, then headed down to The Land of Broken Dreams, equipped with a shitload of duct tape and paste, to hand out to the people I see with a certain absence of light in their eyes…

  3. I love it when that happens!
    A few weeks ago there was a pack of young-uns (early teens) swarming around me, and one little girl said “You should really listen to The Dresden Dolls! Have you heard of The Dresdedn Dolls? You should listen to them!”
    I broke character just long enough to look at her and say “yeah – I do. The guy breathing fire on the DVD? Well, that’s me.” Then back into pose.
    It was strange for me how she reacted – her eyes got really wide, she pretty much started vibrating, for want of a better way to describe it. She acted like I was some kind of star or something, all speechless and stammering.
    It was pretty cool – but really bizarre getting that reaction. After they left, I kind of mentally kicked myself for not getting down off the box and just being average-joe friendly, asking her name, shaking her hand, introducing myself – but oh well…

  4. that is ALMOST as good as the kids with the beignet sugar-powder (which is my favorite ksea-statue story, btw).
    don’t go gettin’ a big ego now, darlin’ 😉
    i had a little girl (aobut eight) w/a Dolls shirt on, looking at me all wide-eyed yesterday. our job rocks 🙂

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