My landlord returned from his three week vacation to Central America today. Before he left, he mentioned that rent would not be due until he got back home – cool. During the time he was away, however, the date was set for departure, commitments made, and it was confirmed – I’m going to Burning Man, and moving back to the West Coast…

Things have been tough out on the street, performing in the Post-K, sweltering new Orleans summer, and the money just hasn’t been that fantastic, making it very difficult to save for the final – and most important – piece that will make this journey possible, The Van. (At this point, a tent is being considered a luxury. First things first.)It seemed much more feasable only a few weeks ago, but yeah – the cash has been getting slim. Less people, and less people putting money in the box. Fighting for every dollar, the sweat dripping down my back, arms and legs, but knowing that every dollar will get me closer to The Van.

Aaaaaah, The Van. Sweet chariot of the road, my freedom cairrage, the magic carpet that will transport me back across the country to yet another page in my beautiful life. My Steel Salvation…

I have been able to save rent and a very small bit bit more, *much* less than I had hoped, but in order to actually get the van when it comes I will need to have cash-in-hand to purchase it. I had decided to talk to my landlord to ask him if it would be possible to use the deposit for last months rent, and therefore have the cash ready when I found The Van instead of it not being available until the last second – which would quite possibly be too late. This idea was met with trepidation, as I clearly remember him saying, as well as it being printed in bold on the lease, that the deposit will NOT be used as the last months rent.
With nervous fingers and a cup of strong tea, I called him first thing this morning, with the intention of asking him to possibly consider the situation and make an exception. I would meet him with the check in hand, explain everything, and hope for the best.
He answered, and after I told him who it was he immidiately mentioned that he heard a rumor that I was moving. “Yeah, yeah I am Shawn, on the 24th. Moving back to California. I was wondering…” here he interrupted me. “Well why don’t I just put your security deposit to this months rent, and we’ll be square.”

“Um, yeah! That would be fantastic, Shawn – thanks!”

A few more things were said, then we ended the conversation.

I love the way things work out when they’re supposed to.

So I now have a bit over $400 cashmoney to go to the van, but that probably isn’t going to cut it. Gots to bust my ass trying to get more scratch, pack, sew, and work on a couple more projects I have going. Busy days, very busy – but things are working out.

See you on The Playa, in San Francisco, or in L.A. – or anywhere along the road.

I’m leaving on the 24th.
Hopefully, in a van.


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