2,232.7 miles from my apartment to Gerlach.
Another 808 miles through San Francisco, down to Venice.

Yesterday, with nine days until the scheduled launch date, I found & bought a van. An ’81 mid-sized Chevy. The motor seems strong, no smoke – but it does need some work, probably carb adjustments or something as simple as a vacuum tube that has fallen off. It doesn’t idle – but it’s nothing I can’t handle.
There’s a whole 1/8 turn of freeplay in the steering (manual) – but I can probably lessen that as well. I have an extensive history in making old vans drivable.
The drivers side captain chair wobbles all around, which is a bit disconcerting when turning – the whole thing, with me, tilts to the opposite side about six inches.
I can hopefully make time to fix that as well – along with the drivers side window that is very much not there.

No radio, no AC – or fan of any kind at all.
It’s going to be one hell of a beautiful – if not absurdly amusing – journey across the country, but  thankfully I’m heading to BRC with ravencreature  – quite possibly the best driving companion I could have hoped for.

And yes – the van is white.

And it will make it – I’ve got things to do.

Now accepting suggestions for names for her. She’ll need one before we leave on the 24th…


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