a parting glance

Made it to Vegas last night, staying briefly with a friends of Ravens, our last taste of the simple luxuries for the next week plus – a shower, air conditioning, a good nights rest – which we both desperately needed. Taking advantage of the brief interneto connection while Raven scrapes the two days of road off in the shower.

The time, sweat, effort, sleep dep. mosquito bites and money spent on Connie the Van has well paid off – I feel strangely like a proud father. From a machine that wouldn’t even idle and only had the hint of a strong, dependable engine, the van has run beautifully throughout the entire trip. We’ve been blessed.
The only hiccup so far was the tread flying off of one of the rear wheels somewhere outside of Dallas, but we limped into the next exit with no problem, changed the tire, and got going again in no time at all. The storms we have encountered had just passed, leaving the streets still running with water but not affecting us and the absence of the drivers side window – and we were treated to an entire night of beautiful lightning not too far off in the distance.

Fortunately most gas stations only make sure the card is good by authorizing $1.00 when you get fuel, which I have needed to take advantage of. Connie runs like a dream, but a hungry one. When those dollar authorizations turn into $60…   I have no choice but to get where I need to go & deal with the financial consequences later. Hell – it’s only money.

We’re rockin’. Connie (the Mans’) ashes have been sprinkled and scattered in the most beautiful places along the way, photos have been taken –

and now it’s time to hit the road again.

Wanna go for a ride?


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