Things done that needed to get done. Boots cleaned, pictures of where I’ve spread Connies ashes sent to Deanne, a couple calls, sleep, silence, decisions.
Compared to New Orleans, there is an emptiness to this place. It’s too clean, too white. I don’t feel the magick around me but it’s far stronger inside, it seems. These have been days of introspect, searching, wondering. Wondering what’s next. Always wondering what’s next. Knowing what I need to do. This is a time of change if ever there was one, and the past year was only the beginning.

She asked how it was. A thousand words could have been said – amazing, beautiful, incredible – but no. It was all of these, but mostly, for me – it was important. A turning point of sorts, an internal catalyst. It feels like things will never be the same again, and I believe that’s the point. I open my mind and heart to the new possibilities that swirl among the chaos, and change is inevitable.
Anything is possible.
Everything is possible.

I grow. I become who I already am.

“Who you are is Spirit’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to Spirit.”


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