Don't know what to think about this…

Flattered, though a bit uneasy…
Zoe somehow found me shortly after I began this journal – or through Tribe, I don’t recall. We’ve had some great on-line conversations and have a mutual admiration for each other, but this is kind of freaky – freaky in an incredibly sweet way.

I think I should just accept it as a beautiful gift – but still – I’m not accustomed to things like this…

It’s down a couple, under “4 kSea”

4 responses to “Don't know what to think about this…

  1. I find it DEEPLY creepy. I’ve always found it incredibly creepy, also, that you’re her only lj friend… everything she does on this site is with you in mind. But this takes the cake.
    Sorry I’ve been really out of touch with you lately, and to make a re-entrance being all negativenegativecrazyladycrazylady. I’ve been a bad reader for a month or more, but this post definitely stopped me in my tracks.

  2. My initial reaction as well – when it started playing I cringed – but in thinking about it, she has always been there to offer intelligent, insightfull feedback and advice when needed, and has also – just simply been there.
    Yes – she seems frightfully obsessive, but I’m choosing to just try and see this as something she did when she had a bit too much time on her hands and was feeling creative…
    And the fact that she lives in Caracas, Venezuela adds a comfortable distance to allow this…

  3. i’m straddling the fence here
    the decision to make said montage: yes, creepy
    the timing (shortly after your birthday): not AS creepy.
    the montage itself: not particularly creepy.
    choice of songs to accompany it: WAAYY creepy.
    i mean, hell.
    ksea, you do inspire pretty strong feeling from, well, damn near every one. maybe she’s only as obsessed as the rest of us blog-philes. just more apt to express it, um, to music?
    i dunno. trying to play the devils advocate. maybe she was just bored and itching to play with the computer, and you had the most photos to use as material.
    that, or she really, truely, is obsessed and lives not in venezuella, but right down the street in a parked car… with a lap top… and binoculars….!
    i would try to give her the benefit of the doubt, view it as a birthday gift… but if you are really uncomfortable, confront her.

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