And wasting little time, the boy gets back into the West Coast swing of things…

Vau de Vire Society, Gofferman, Angelo Moore, etc. TOMORROW!

You know what I would really dig? I would absolutely love it if YOU went to this.

Yes, you.

If you don’t, I’ll try to understand, and it will still be the absolutely amazing, phenominal, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, hair standing, oooh! and Ahhhh!-ing, sense elevating and multiplying (wait – I thought I only had five common senses – where did these other three come from, and damn – why can’t I experience them ALL the time!) Epicurian, Circusian delight that we have all come to love these amazingly talented and sexy people for – yeah, it will still be all that and more…

but without YOU, there will be just that tiny bit that’s missing, that piece that we just can’t put our finger on, but notice that it’s not there.

We hope to see you.

(I may or may not bring out a version of my four-legged stilt character, last seen in an Enchanted Forest in Austin many, many months ago…)

~ kSea flux

Sept. 23rd (LoveFest after-party)
Bohemian Carnival – @ DNA Lounge, 375 11th st., SF, $15, 9pm-late
You’ve asked for it and now we finally deliver…a monthly circus orgy in our own backyard. Vau de Vire, Circus Metropolis and bi-polar productions are bursting with excitement in announcing the inaugral launch of a tittilating monthly event at our favorite venue in town. Taking place every 3rd Sat. of the month, Vau de Vire Society and Gooferman along with a variety of Local, National and International guests will offer up a unique night of entertainment for those of you itching to shake your ass in an interactive debauched party. If you only leave the house once a month, then Bohemian Carnival should be your soul/sole stop.

Sept. 23rd Line up:
Vau de Vire Society
Angelo Moore (Fishbone) and Jila (Rabbit in the Moon)
The Jazz Mafia
El papachango (El Circo)
1 Man Banjo
The art-magic of Shrine (Lucent Dossier, LA)
Tim Barsky
w/ Vatra, Keno & Aza, EOTOE, Klown Kollective, Fire Arts Collective… and many more sexy Freaks abound.

more info. @


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