Well, looks like I’m going to be hangin’ my hats here in the Bay Area for a while, and I can’t express how pleased I am about it – or the main reason for the decision. I’ve ben vascilating for a bit, weighing the here and there, keeping open to whatever happens and paying attention to it – and the final decision was made only very recently.

About two weeks ago, I recieved an email from someone I have worked with many moons ago (we’re talkin’ waaaaaay back when in the Dresden Doll days)who I have come to have a deep respect for, not only because of the way he so gracefully came through for myself & the DDolls on what was supposed to be the Dresden Dolls DVD shoot here, but, well, realizing that I may end up back on this side of the continent, I’ve been watching what he and a few others have been doing, in hopes to somehow get in with one of them when I came back this way.

A couple days after a show I did with them, I recieved an email from Mike of the Vau de Vire Society ( vaudeviresociety.com ) saying that we should talk about “a more formal inclusion of my talents with the VdeV” – if I was interested.

Hmm. Interested? Me? Well, I guess. (!!!!!)

I returned the email saying I was, asking for his thoughts – thinking that though it will probably be only small scale local performance – I ain’t *nearly* as talented as most of the people in the VdeV, it would be a great opportunity to learn more, practice, get to know other performers and performing groups on the West Coast – and in the meantime, make a tiny bit of scratch doing what I love. Absolutely perfect, and something I’ve been focusing on bringing into my life…

Well, Mike has been busy, and not until today did I recieve a reply. (By the way, he was busy with a show in Las Vegas at the Empire Ballroom, where the owner of the place told him that they “put on the best show since Prince came through the joint”!!!)

In the email Mike sent me, he says this: “One thing that struck me most about you when we first met through DDolls, is your ability excite the creative masses, offering them a safe place to
show-off their freak inside (ie. the Brigade) w/o judgement. Affecting the
masses in this way is my sole motivation for producing events and Vau de
Vire shows…BUT, I cannot find the time to get the word out myself. Aside
from the obvious performing with the VdV family, I can see you spearheading
promotions to the alternative-art community…”

Ummm – can I get a HUGE FUCK YEAH??!!!!

So now, it looks like I’m not only going to be a performer with the Vau de Vire Society, but will be the guy with the spear head – and anyone who knows me, knows I love sharp pointy things. I’m still waiting on the confirmation from him, but I want them and they sound like they want me, so it looks like a mudderfuggin GO, yo!

It truly amazes me to think that just about a year and a half or two ago, I was dressing in a suit, miserable with my life and where it was going, and really, really wishing for something I could feel passionate about, something that could inspire people, something that involved some form of art, something that would make people truly happy.

Who’d a thunk that this would ever happen?

(Psssst. Here’s the secret: ***I DID.***)

Anything IS Possible…

(And now, to work!)


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