I know you.

I know you. In a way, you’re just like me. You’ve waited patiently for something new, something that this beautiful city has always held the promise for deep inside of it, but, until now, has only seldom offered. You’ve felt the possibilities, tried to be patient, almost gotten discouraged – and some of you, myself most certainly included – have.
Well, I’m here to tell you that OUR PATIENCE HAS BEEN REWARDED! Out of the depths of San Francisco’s insanely talented performance underground leaps the BOHEMIAN CARNIVAL, an ever-evolving collaboration of The Vau de Vire Society & Gooferman, with deliciously sexy performers, aurally orgasmic sounds, and an ever-changing lineup that I will personally guaran-f*ckin-tee you that it won’t fall into the “same damn thing every month” category that we’ve all had to suffer with for so long. I went to the inaugural show last month, and I gotta tell you – this jaded and disenchanted boy was truly amazed. From the first seductive note played to the agonizing part where the next morning was upon us and it was time to go home, that there wasn’t one friggin’ second that wasn’t filled with all the excitement, elegance, tantalizing treachery and lascivious lusciousness. THIS is the show that WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR, and we’re doing it EVERY MONTH!
This months show will certainly outshine our first, with Vau de Vire Society and Gooferman, welcoming special guests Zoopy, DJ Smoove, Kitten on the Keys, Dr. Abacus and our cohorts the Xeno family and Klown Kollective – and for the first time in known history, the infamous Porn Clown Posse has loaned us the even *more* infamous ‘Grope A Klown Box’ for this show, which has sheltered the likes of – well, everyone, including the legendary cocksman Ron Jeremy!

We felt your need, and yes, we had the same one – and so we bring you this – and this, the BOHEMIAN CIRCUS, is what we’ve ALL been waiting for. With great pleasure, I am happy to say…IT’S HERE!
SATURDAY OCT 21st, at the DNA LOUNGE 275 11th St, San Francisco – a measly $15 for all you get, 9pm until Late. We love you – and we’ll show it.


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