falling back to move ahead

Off to the  only day I’ll been able to get out to the Wharf this week, the others filled with planning for other gigs and meetings – down to my last few bucks to make more. Frustrating, but it needs to be done, I guess.
A good meeting with Mike ( http://www.vaudeviresociety.com ) yesterday to discuss my involvement with them, excited that he’s completely open to me bringing my own ideas for performance vignettes to their productions, talking about the upcoming shows he’s working on, then to meet with Blake ( http://www.myspace.com/luxxury ) who I haven’t seen in over two years, and a great conversation with him about everything… In the meantime securing two paid gigs for next week, one at some halloween party where I will be able to meet with a possible agent and another stilting in the VIP lounge at The Exotic Erotic Ball, ( http://www.exoticeroticball.com ) – which should be interesting if nothing else, and look good on the performance resume, I guess…
Tomorrow an early load-in for The Bohemian Carnival ( http://www.dnalounge.com/gallery/2006/09-23/ ) to go over some scenes and timing, which will be a fucking amazing show, but prevents me from getting to the wharf…
Desperately needing to save to find a place to live now that I’ve decided to stay here ( interesting – now that I’ve decided on a home, I’m feeling homeless again…) and my financial ass being helped incredibly this week by Kevin, who has some well paying work he could use my help with on Sunday…

Hell, it will work out. It always does. Things are moving forward rapidly in the direction I want to go, but my main bread & butter from the Wharf is taking a hit because of it…

Okay, time to go make some money so I can add more scratch to my phone, which got sucked dry in a conversation I had with a screenwriter in L.A. talking about something else that we’re trying to get off the ground.

Sheesh. Busy busy busy, and luckily broke for only a few more minutes. Thank gods for street performance.

Life fucking kicks ass.

I need to find a place in the City.

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