The van could work, but…

I would much rather have a home. A room to hang my thingies and make it pretty, a place for my sewing machine, my costumes, my stilts.
A place that is actually a home, because since I have decided to stay in San Francisco I need one.

Since I arrived back here from New Orleans (via That Thing In The Desert) almost two months ago I have been housed (and rediculously cared for) by the most incredibly wonderful hosts and dear friends, but hell – it’s *their* home, not mine, and the room I have been staying in needs to be turned back into a massage room. I would prefer to live in the city due to convenience and work transit, becuase I gotta tell you – it’s a pain in the ass to run back and forth from one side of the bay to the other gathering and dropping off performancs tools, and on top of that, it’s expensive.

I would prefer a room in the Mission, of course, with creative, easy going people. I don’t do drama, i won’t interrupt you while you’re reading unless it’s really important, I do my dishes and frequently all of them if I have the time. I respect the hell out of common spaces and view where I live as a sanctuary from the beautiful insanity that everything outside the doors offers me. Many respectable people  think I’m an allright kind of guy.

Ummm – I’ve decided to chase my dreams and so now I’m a street performer these days, which will easily make a rent of $600/mo –  plus reasonable bills  entirely do-able, but I also have recently been picked up by Vau de Vire Society, doing performance and promotions for them – – and have frequent or occasional corporate gigs. Essentially what I’m trying to say is that I’ll always come through with rent and bills, and I really hope that one of those bills is for wireless internet.

If you have a room available soon, or know of anyone who does, please let me know ASAP – because like I said, the van could work, but…

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