and just like that…

I haven’t been worried. Well, most of the time I haven’t been – sometimes I had to catch myself and get back into knowing it would happen the way it was supposed to – always has, always will.
Meditated on what I wanted, put out the energy to manifest it, then posted.


I recieved an IM earlier today from a friend, letting me know of a posting she saw from another friend of ours who *just* let it be known she was looking for a housemate. Called her up, talked, got the info – and I meet the other house-mate on Monday. If he likes me, I’m in.

Duboce Triangle, close to everything on 15th at Noe – a short walk away from the Mission & Lower Haight, in a beautiful neighborhood, and about a block away from the street car that takes me directly to the Wharf, and pretty much any other bus I could ever need. Top floor in a large Victorian, large kitchen, livingroom, hard wood floors and a beautiful garden with a lawn. 13×13 room, one small closet in the room and a large one in the hallway. Creative people. Healthy eaters. Wireless DSL.

Oh, and – $450/month, in the heart of San Francisco. She’s lived there for 23 years.

Fuck YEAH.

It won’t be available until beginning/mid December so I’ll be somewhat homeless until then (and looking for couches, hint hint), but goddamn – I have a home!

Hooray for the Cosmic WOW!


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